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University of Mpumalanga

Cnr R40 and D725 Roads, Mbombela 1200 +


The University of Mpumalanga is based in Mbombela and was established in 2013. This came after an investigation into the possibility of forming a university in the province. The university has since grown impressively despite being established so recently. It has since added an additional two programmes in 2015. 

All of the academic projects at this institution combine the transfer of knowledge and the development of critical thinking. The courses are sensitive to cultural diversity and encourage curiosity and further study. All graduates will leave the university being resourceful, responsive, and responsible.

The university is committed to providing programmes that are focused on contributing to skill enhancement. It also prides itself on making a positive impact on the community around the university. The staff provides unique curricula that are up-to-date but are also grounded in an African context in order to uphold cultural values. 

University of Mpumalanga Faculties and Schools

  • Agricultural and Natural Sciences
  • Commerce and Management
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences

The university values diversity, adaptability in both staff and students, academic excellence, as well as collaboration between students, staff, and the community. Students will also learn to cultivate an innovative mindset while learning.