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Stenden University South Africa

1 Grand St, Port Alfred, 6170 +


Stenden University South Africa is located in Port Alfred and is one of the premier management and hospitality education institutions in the country. It offers degree programs in both Disaster Management and Hospitality Management, both of which are unique in South Africa. 

Established in 2001, the college prides itself on providing top-quality education with a focus on internationalisation, problem-based learning, and research. It is a student-centric institution that provides real-world learning to ready its students for the world outside of college. The school values leadership and accountability and encourages students from all backgrounds to apply to the school. 

Student life is vibrant, dynamic, and supportive. There are a variety of different activities on offer to teach students about life in South Africa as well as to help them adapt to their new chosen career paths. Students are working and thriving both locally and internationally due to the degrees from the institution. This is thanks to the international accreditation of the college. 

Stenden University South Africa Faculties and Schools

  • Hotel Management
  • Disaster Management

The institution is part of an international university which dates back to almost 100 years, making it an established but still relevant choice for students.