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Pearson Institute Of Higher Education

44 Alsatian Road, Glen Austin Extension 3, Midrand, South Africa, 1685 +


The Pearson Institute of Higher Education was established in 1989 and was previously known as the Midrand Graduate Institute. The institution offers university-level degrees. It also provides support for UNISA’s Bachelor of Laws degree, three honours degrees and one Master’s degree. 

One of the main goals of the institution is to produce employable graduates who can function effectively in the modern workplace. It owns Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann, allowing it to create and print education content for a variety of levels. This is part of the initiative to transform lives through education. 

Students will have access to career-focused curricula which will prepare them for the working world. The classes are smaller and more personalised, which means that students can learn at their own pace. The institute has a blended approach to learning, combining tablets and other devices with traditional teaching methods. There are 12 campuses across the country. There are also international students who study here. The campus life is diverse and inclusive, as well as being safe and welcoming. 

Pearson Institute of Higher Education Faculties and Schools

  • Commerce and Law
  • Humanities
  • Applied Sciences
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Higher Certificates

Students have access to a diverse selection of activities, from arts and culture events to community involvement projects.