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Milpark Business School

Landau Terrace, Richmond, Johannesburg, 2092 +


Milpark Business School was established in 1997 in Johannesburg. It was one of the first providers of higher management education in the country. It has a diverse student body which reflects the new South Africa. Every student has access to support from lecturers as well as counsellors should they need it during their studies. 

The college has several NPO and NGO engagement schemes and community involvement projects operating for students to take part in. Industry professionals are consulting with students regularly and preparing them for the world.  All students take part in ethics courses as part of their studies in order to instil an ethical mindset. 

The school also offers contact learning, online learning, and distance learning in order to remain accessible to students no matter their situation. It is the academic provider for two learnerships, namely the Kuyasa and Letsema learnerships. The alumni have gone on to make a significant impact on the world due to the impressive education. There are campuses in Johannesburg, Cape Town as well as Durban.  

Milpark Business School Faculties and Schools

  • Business School
  • Commerce
  • Investment and Banking
  • Financial Planning and Insurance

The school values integrity and ethical behaviour and strives to instil these in every student that passes through their doors as well as into their staff and leaders.