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IMM Graduate School – Student Support Centre


The purpose of the IMM Graduate School Student Support Centre (SSC) is to enhance the distance learning philosophy of the Graduate School – not replace it. The SSC is there to create an environment conducive to idea sharing and knowledge exchange. Our SSC tutors, from their personal and professional experience, help to give depth to your understanding of the learning material and develop your skills of enquiry, clarify complex information, and provide first-hand knowledge not found in the formal study material, while keeping you on track with your studies.

The SSC provide a platform for you to ask the BIG questions and debate the REAL answers, propelling you to become actively involved in your learning. There are many ideas and conclusions that you may not have arrived at on your own and questions you may never think to ask – tutorials lay the platform for this to happen.

  • Immerse students in the language and learning environment of their field of study
  • Keep students on target by developing their learning and knowledge structuring skills.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to receive feedback from both tutors and peers
  • Provide real-world application by relating theoretical knowledge to the field of study
  • Provide students with the tutor’s personal and professional insight and experience
  • Provide students with new information not found in their texts
  • Give students a platform to share and debate ideas

Student Support Centres Located in the Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng and Zimbabwe.