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1180 Dickenson Ave, Waverley, Pretoria, 0083 + Add review


The Akademie Reformatoriese Opleiding en Studies (Aros) or Academy Reformational Training and Studies is a Christian higher education institution. It trains vocationally-driven students to enter the teaching profession. It focuses on equipping students to help them make a real difference in the South African educational sphere. 

The students are encouraged to uphold the mission of the college, which include forming experts in the field of teaching and knowledge. The students will be able to make a unique impact on society both professionally and spiritually. Contact classes take place on Fridays or Saturdays, depending on the schedule of the students.

The institution is based in Pretoria. It combines a contact model with e-learning classes to allow all students access to the material. It was founded in 2003 after a brainstorming session saw that Christian education needed to be developed in South Africa. Its goal is to provide innovative and practical curricula to help its students contribute positively to society. 

Akademie Reformatoriese Opleiding en Studies Faculties and Schools

  • Foundation Phase Teaching
  • Intermediate Phase Teaching 
  • Educational Studies and Biblical Studies

Aros provides high-quality courses that are grounded in Christian teachings. This helps to prepare their alumni for the working world. It also encourages them to contribute positively to society.