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Von Willichlaan 284, Die Hoewes, Centurion +


Akademia is a private higher education institution which offers courses in Afrikaans, with study centres nationwide and in Namibia. It is a Christian-based institution, focusing on providing its students with the abilities and skills to flourish in their field. It operates on the classical university structure with Christian ideals underpinning its ethos. 

Some of the values of this college include academic excellence, integrity, community, and honesty. The college upholds these values in every aspect.  This provides students with a holistic educational foundation. They can them to grow and develop to make a real impact. It is also a technology-forward institution, allowing students to be prepared for the modern working world.

The academy strives to maintain a positive relationship with its surrounding community, as well as with other institutions nationally and internationally. It is a modern institution which offers technological-focused support. it also aims to produce alumni who uphold the college’s values in any industry. 

Akademia Faculties and Schools

  • Management and Accounting
  • Economics and Law
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Management
  • Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
  • Office Administration
  • Project Management

Akademia is an Afrikaans-only university, but it still attracts a diverse array of students. Its culture is one of Christian values with a focus on modern learning.